This is not an illusion.

Looking Glass Volume works by suspending millions of points of light in a physical 3D space with no moving parts.

And since you don’t need headgear to experience volumetric display technology, groups of people of all ages can come together to experience something that’s future AF.

More 3D than that Tupac hologram.

We’re sorry to break it to you, but the “Holograms” like the ones of Tupac or Michael Jackson aren’t actually holograms. In fact, they aren’t three-dimensional at all. They use an illusion developed in the 1800s called Pepper’s Ghost (a 2D reflection). Great for theatrical display or the interwebs, but not so great in person.

Looking Glass Volume actually displays 3D content.

2 million 3D pixels 2 million 3D pixels
True color depth True color depth

Chasing the dream of holograms.

While Looking Glass Volume’s optical hardware and software system is fundamentally different from that used in holograms, Looking Glass Volume is closer to the dream of the hologram than anything you’ve seen before. Our volumetric display technology is called Lightfolding®, in which millions of pixels are channeled into a 3D volume, thereby creating a true 3D display.

Finally within reach.

Volumetric display technology has been around in research labs and a few small companies for decades. But they've always been extremely expensive — a staggering $100,000 per unit.

Looking Glass Volume is nearly 100x less expensive than the systems that have come before.

Yes, it's safe to look at.

Looking Glass Volume is ridiculously safe to look at. It places points of light in actual three-dimensional space right where that light would be if it was coming from a real object.

So it’s safe to look at a 3D unicorn in Looking Glass Volume as it would be to look at a real unicorn. Probably safer.

Check out our specs.


Complete device size

21.2in (h) x 10.6in (w) x 7.6in (d)

Display size

10.1in (h) x 5.9in (w) x 7.6in (d)
(dimensions include bezel)

Estimated Weight



17 years
(when used 8 hours a day)




Front Surface Touchscreen
Built-in Speakers

Leap Motion 3D Controller

Structure Sensor
(add-on for recording holovids)

Experience 3D
Without Headgear

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